A man has been accused of heinously beheading his neighbor over a US$6 (500 Indian Rupees) bet and proceeding to carry and surrender the victim's severed head to a police station in Sonitpur district, Assam, India on Monday, Aug. 15.

The alleged killer, identified as Tuniram Madri, and victim, Boila Hemram, allegedly placed bets on the results of a football match on Independence Day in India on Aug. 15. Madri and Hemram reportedly supported opposing teams. The duo had wagered that whoever bets on the losing team will need to give US$6 (500 Indian Rupees) to the winning bettor, NDTV reported.

After the game, Madri's team lost the game and Hemram won the bet. However, when Hemram asked Madri for the money, the suspect refused to pay and instead asked the victim to join him for dinner at his residence. At Madri's home, Hemram kept on demanding the money. Infuriated, Madri, in a fit of anger, allegedly took out a machete from his bag and beheaded Hemram.

Following this, the accused walked about 25 kilometers from his home to the Rangapara Police Station carrying his friend's severed head. He surrendered himself to the authorities on Monday night. He also handed over the machete used in the attack to the officers, the Times Of India reported.

"He was taken into custody for interrogation, and all aspects of the case are being investigated," an officer added.

In a similar but unrelated incident, a woman reportedly decapitated her husband after a heated argument before proceeding to carry his severed head in a plastic bag to a police station in Chittoor district, Andhra Pradesh, India on Thursday, Jan. 20, Latin Times reported.

The accused, identified as Vasundhara, 50, reportedly used a sharp knife to murder and beheaded her husband, Bhashyam Ravichander, 53, after a violent altercation erupted between the couple at their home on Thursday, Jan 20.

After severing the man's neck, Vasundhara placed Ravichandar’s dismembered head in a plastic bag and walked to the police station while lugging the container. She subsequently presented the severed head to the authorities and surrendered before the police officers.

“We were shocked when she placed the bag on the table and said she had killed her husband,” a police official said.

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