A woman reportedly decapitated her husband after a heated argument before proceeding to carry his severed head in a plastic bag to a police station in Chittoor district, Andhra Pradesh, India on Thursday, Jan. 20.

The accused, identified as Vasundhara, 50, reportedly used a sharp knife to murder and beheaded her husband, Bhashyam Ravichander, 53, after a violent altercation erupted between the couple at their home on Thursday, Jan. 20.

After severing the man's neck, Vasundhara placed Ravichandar’s dismembered head in a plastic bag and walked to the police station while lugging the container. She subsequently presented the severed head to the authorities and surrendered before the police officers, Hindustan Times reported.

On Thursday, Jan. 20, the couple reportedly engaged in a heated argument, leading to them shouting threats at each other. As the confrontation escalated, Vasundhara, in a fit of rage, picked up a sharp knife and stabbed her husband repeatedly.

After knifing the man to death, Vasundhara used the same blade to behead her husband. The couple's 20-year-old son was not in the house during the incident.

“We were shocked when she placed the bag on the table and said she had killed her husband,” a police official said.

Following this, officers rushed to the couple’s residence and recovered the rest of Ravichander’s remains. The authorities have sent the victim's torso and severed head to a government hospital for an autopsy, NDTV reported.

“We have booked the murder case against the woman. We are investigating the case. The reason for the murder is being ascertained,” a police official said.

The couple had been staying at a police lines street in Renigunta town with their 20-year-old son. When the officers enquired with the couple’s neighbors, they revealed that the husband and wife had been frequently quarreling for the last year.

"The accused after cutting the head of her husband came to the police station and reported the same with the police. After verifying the facts, the police found the body at the family's house. Police registered a murder case and an investigation is in progress," the Deputy Superintendent of Police Renigunta's office said.

The police officers added that Vasundhara committed the crime in the wake of a family dispute and that she would be produced in court for further legal procedures.

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