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In a brutal case of honor killing, a minor boy beheaded his pregnant teen sister with the help of their mother and allegedly took selfies with the severed head while displaying it before neighbors.

According to the police, the shocking episode unfolded at around 12.30 pm on Sunday, Dec. 5, when the 38-year-old mother, Shobhabai Mote, and her 17-year-old son, went to meet the victim, 19-year-old Kirti Avinash Thore, at her residence in Ladgaon village, Maharashtra, India.

Earlier this year, Thore had eloped with a man against the wishes of her family and was bearing his child.

The mother-son duo was furious with the teen’s decision and committed the crime in retaliation, according to local media reports.

The mother had contacted the teen last week and expressed her utmost desire to meet her. On Sunday, the woman and her minor son arrived at the victim’s home under the pretext of taking her and her husband to their family home.

"Kirti lived with her husband’s family in a room next to their farm. The mother-son duo arrived on a bike. Kirti was two months pregnant. She was working on the farm and was delighted to see them. She rushed to them and took them inside her house. Kirti’s husband was present at home but he did not suspect anything like this could happen. He was resting in another room," the Indian Express quoted, Assistant police commissioner, Kailash Prajapati, as saying.

The victim was in the kitchen, making tea for her mother and brother when the minor attacked her from behind.

While her mother held the girl by the leg, her brother chopped off her head with a sickle, local media reported.

"Her husband, who was ill, was lying in the house. He woke up hearing the sound of falling utensils and rushed to the kitchen. The woman's brother tried to kill him too but he escaped," the officer said.

After the beheading, the boy carried his sister’s severed head outside for neighbors to see. The suspects also allegedly clicked selfies with the head before fleeing the scene on a motorcycle.

“We suspect that the mother-son duo took a selfie with her head. We have sent the phone to the forensic lab to try and retrieve the photo. The duo then left on the bike,” he said.

The suspects then went to the nearby police station and surrendered, the official said.

The mother and son were arrested and charged under Section 302 (murder) of the IPC (Indian Penal Code). A further probe is underway, the official added.

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