A man reportedly beheaded an 8-year-old girl with an ax before proceeding to roam his village carrying the minor’s severed head in Kasada, Odisha, India on Friday, March 25.

On Friday, the 8-year-old victim, Lusi, daughter of Nabakishore Dharua, accompanied her parents while they went to a field to colled Mahua flowers. While her parents were busy, Lusi felt an urge to pee and went to a field near the village to relieve herself.

However, the accused, identified as 30-year-old Prashant Bagar of Kasada, reportedly appeared out of nowhere carrying an ax and proceeded to attack her with the bladed weapon. After killing the child, he then brutally beheaded her, the New Indian Express reported.

Following the heinous decapitation, Bagar returned to the village and walked around toting the victim’s severed head in one hand and the bloodied ax in the other.

Villagers who witnessed the incident were horrified by the sight and ran back to their houses out of fear. The accused then walked up to a well carrying the severed head and washed it there with water, OrissaPost reported.

Bagar’s wife immediately rushed to the spot and confronted the suspect about his actions after coming to know of the young girl's killing. Following this, the couple engaged in a heated argument before an enraged Bagar scared her off by swinging the ax at her.

Villagers who witnessed the confrontation immediately alerted the police regarding the incident. Law enforcement subsequently reached the spot with a backup team and arrested Bagar. The officers seized from the suspect his weapon and mobile phone. They also retrieved the toddler's remains for an autopsy. Based on the complaint filed by the victim's father, the authorities registered a case under sections 302, 201, and 34 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

Meanwhile, the officers said that the suspect's motive behind the brutal murder remains unclear. The accused reportedly didn’t have any animosity with the girl’s family. Bagar is yet to confess to killing the girl.

According to the villagers, Bagar used to regularly get drunk and behave abnormally whenever he was in an inebriated state. When intoxicated, he also regularly picked up quarrels with his own family members.

Axe stumped on a cut tree
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