Disney+ seems to be having an undue advantage over Netflix in the ongoing coronavirus streaming war. Gauging the need of the hour –To deliver fun yet a riveting mix of content through early releases for their home-bound audiences—the streaming giant has major plans in the coming week.

On Friday, Disney+ announced the release of “Frozen 2” on its platform on March 15—which is three months earlier than the speculated original release date. Another flick to follow is “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker”, which slated for a release that drops on Disney’s digital retailers precisely three days earlier than its original date.

Netflix, on the other hand, hasn’t rolled out any early releases. Neither has Netflix brought in more interesting stuff to retain its plummeting viewer base. Barring the mystery drama “Lost girls” there isn’t much to look forward to, on Netflix, as the streaming platform continues to focus on small-scale dramas. Reason? A dearth of fully completed productions that are ready for an early release.

For instance, despite having a volley of good releases like “The Guardian” and “Extraction” in the pipeline, there’s still a long way to go in terms of post-production before these features are ready for streaming. Add to it, a volley of (Netflix) releases in the offing have a gloomy vibe to them, which isn’t the most ideal genre to turn to when most people are trying their best to divert their attention from the COVID-19 scare (which btw has led to a massive recession of sorts, in regard to the travel, hospitality and airline sector.)

Indeed, it’s not like Netflix is clueless. The streaming platform DOES have a plan—to create original content/ movies. While this might not be a horrible move, it isn’t the wisest strategy at present. Given, how a sizeable number of people are practicing social-isolation and will be able to catch up on shows and movies now more than ever; there’s a genuine need to milk on the average viewer’s need for new content or original content.

This theory also explains why Disney+ seems to be making most of this tense period.

Disney Plus Official Cover Photo of Disney Plus Disney Plus/Facebook