Disney+ released “The Mandalorian” on Nov. 12 and barely a week after it was launched, the sci-fi drama is beating the leading shows in Netflix and HBO. It was said that the American space Western TV series that is set in the “Star Wars” universe is becoming more in-demand compared to popular favorites such as “Stranger Things,” “Westworld” and “Doctor Who.”

This was discovered after a study has been conducted to determine which of the leading streaming sites are doing better in the streaming provider wars. According to Forbes, as Disney Plus keeps releasing new shows and in the process showing that it is the viewers’ one-stop channel that provides all Disney, Marvel and Pixar shows, more and more subscribers are getting convinced that it is the right service to subscribe to.

It was stated that Disney Plus already has more than 10 million subscribers and it is not even a month since it was introduced and opened for subscriptions. It was especially mentioned that “The Mandalorian” plays a big part in the influx of subscribers because it turned out that people want it more than Netflix’s and HBO’s sci-fi, fantasy-themed shows.

Based on the research by Parrot Analytics, it found that in the U.S., the demand for Disney Plus’ “The Mandalorian” is 175% ahead of HBO’s “Westworld,” 69.8% ahead of Netflix's “Stranger Things,” 298% ahead of CBS All Access’ “Star Trek: Discovery” and 72.3% ahead of BBC’s “Doctor Who.” The number stats were taken after the said programs aired for a week or seven days.

In any case, with the addition of Disney Plus in the list of streaming sites available today, it was predicted to beat its rivals very soon. It is believed that it has a big potential to send the other leading streaming services running downhill.

Finally, Time opined that Disney Plus will emerge as the best streaming site very soon. Simply, this is because it offers the most affordable rates and the best shows from Pixar, Marvel, Disney and Star Wars. apart from “The Mandalorian” other upcoming series like “Lizzie McGuire” and “High School Musical” are arriving in 2020 and these are also expected to give the rival services a run for their money.

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