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Manchester police have apologized and vowed to increase their patrols in Oldham as they continue their investigation into a boy who was brutally beaten by a gang on June 21. On Sunday, Inspector Alan Sanders of GMP’s Oldham District apologized to residents for the “slow uptake” of authorities in the disturbing incident.

Warning: Graphic content

According to Manchester Evening News, the Inspector assured the crowd of concerned residents that they have intensified their investigation into the case and for them to expect increased visibility of police officers in the area to restore the public’s confidence in their safety. Sanders also confirmed that authorities have apprehended three individuals believed to be connected to the boy’s assault while other suspects are still being tracked by police.

"I know emotions are high and that you feel police have been slow on the uptake with this. I apologize for that," Sanders reassured the residents. “You will see more officers on your streets in the coming days to reassure you but also to encourage you to engage with the officers and if you know something, please speak to them because it will help with the investigation,” he added.

The savage attack on the teen was caught on video and captured the screaming boy on the ground with a bloodied face as he was pinned down and repeatedly punched and kicked by a number of individuals. One of his attackers is then heard ordering the others to strip the victim of his clothes. The boy’s clothing was ripped off before his attackers left him naked and beaten to a bloody pulp.

Information on the victim stated he moved to the U.K. seven months ago. Police reported a string of violent attacks over the weekend at three separate properties following the boy’s assault. Cops believe these incidents could have been attacks in retaliation for the assault that went viral online. Sanders appealed to residents asking that no more retribution and disorder be done to bring the assailants to justice citing that this only distracts authorities from probing the initial attack. Meanwhile, Oldham councilors have called for calm from residents and more action from the police.

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