Since Kate Middleton became a royal, there has been a high level of interest in all aspects of her royal life. In fact, some of her most ardent followers even wonder if she shares her bed with Prince William when she sleeps.

A few months ago, reports revealed that Queen Elizabeth doesn’t sleep on the same bed as Prince Philip. The Queen reportedly finds it more comfortable to sleep without Prince Philip because he snores a lot.

This shocking revelation left the followers of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge wondering if Prince William and Kate actually share the same bed, just like normal couples, or whether they’re more like Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, who prefer sleeping on different beds.

According to Deanna Eppers, avid follower of the royal family who got to stay with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at Kensington, Prince William and Kate sleep together. “…On that weekend at Anmer Hall, I noticed Prince William coming out of Catherine’s bedroom to get a drink of water,” she said. “Seriously, I believe they sleep together,” she added.

Another royal follower, Mark Bellis, also believes that Prince William and Kate are likely to sleep together. He said that while kings and queens of old had separate bed chambers, the younger generations of royals don’t. “Their love for each other is much more important than the practicalities of their sleeping arrangements,” he noted.

Royal follower Patricia H.H. White also noted that the only reason royals of old kept their separate beds was that there was still no available form of birth control at that time. Queen Victoria, she said, had to sleep in a separate bedroom as a form of self-control.

“Queen Victoria would leave her room & sleep in her husbands’ often … she loved sex, but hated being pregnant & eventually motherhood,” she explained.

While there’s no public evidence that Prince William and Kate actually sleep on the same bed, their body language suggests a great amount of intimacy and affection. Even if there’s no way of knowing what their sleeping arrangement is, their royal followers are certain that they share the same bed just as most couples do.

Prince William and Kate Middleton Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, and Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, attend the 1st Battalion Irish Guards St Patrick's Day Parade. WPA Pool/Getty Images