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A doctor in Alabama announced he will no longer be treating patients who are not fully vaccinated. Dr. Jason Valentine, a physician at Diagnostic and Medical Clinic Infirmary Health in Mobile posted a sign on his office door stating his new policy will take effect on Oct.1.

According to the New York Daily News, the doctor said he is tired of helping people who refuse to protect themselves. In his Facebook post, Valentine can be seen standing by the door of his clinic with a sign stating his new policy.

He said he would be sending letters to his patients explaining his decision on the matter and posted a copy of it on his social media, reported.

The doctor was pleased with his new policy citing it had immediate results on the first day he posted the signs with all three of his scheduled patients that day asking where they could get their jabs. “No conspiracy theories, no excuses. Just ‘Where do I go?’”

For those who questioned his bold stance, Valentine said, “If they asked why, I told them covid is a miserable way to die and I can't watch them die like that.”

Addressing his followers, Valentine said his policy would not include patients who are ineligible to receive the vaccine.

Data maps show that Alabama is one of several southern states that has been hard hit by the coronavirus pandemic as health officials have struggled to convince vaccine skeptics to get inoculated. Only 35% of Alabama residents have received full doses of the vaccine while hospital ICU units in the state have reportedly reached 99% capacity.

Meanwhile, the Alabama Department of Correction said that 191 inmates at the Elmore Correctional Facility have had tested positive for COVID-19. The medium-security facility currently houses 1,000 prisoners, 960 of which have not been exhibiting symptoms since they were tested last week. State prison officials had recently conducted mass testing in the wake of an outbreak at the facility.

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