A girl child born 15 weeks premature was so small that she was put in a sandwich bag by doctors. This was done to mimic her mother's womb and keep her warm.

Faith Findlay weighed only one pound and 15 ounces when she was delivered by emergency C-section in September 2020, reported Yahoo! News. According to Mirror, she was delivered at the James Cook University Hospital in Middlesbrough, England three months before her due date.

The child, who was lighter than half a bag of sugar, was small enough to fit in her mother's hand, reported Daily Record.

The baby had a hole in her heart and battled a brain lesion, which is a spot on the brain that could indicate brain damage. She had to stay in the neonatal intensive care unit for almost 80 days. But miraculously, Faith she is now at home and healthy.

Her mother, Vanessa Findlay recalled how the doctors put her baby in this "little bag to keep her warm and to mimic my womb." She was "so shocked at how small she was." Vanessa and her husband, Kurt, were thrilled to have their baby girl home after the difficult period.

Vanessa, a mother-of-three, had suffered hyperemesis gravidarum, which is a condition that causes horrific constant vomiting and nausea, for most of the pregnancy. She said that it was such a "horrible pregnancy," and she was always scared she was going to lose her child. She recalled that when her baby was born, she let out a "little squeaky cry then she was rushed away to intensive care."

She found out she was pregnant in May 2020, and soon she started to become very ill with hyperemesis gravidarum. She was regularly having scans and at 19 weeks, medical professionals found that she had little to no cervix left. She was required to have emergency surgery. After the surgery, she was on "strict bed rest.” Doctors had also done a test which had determined that she would likely go into early labor.

She managed to make it to 26 weeks, and then she was taken to the delivery ward. After staying in the hospital for months, the baby was finally taken home in December 2020. Vanessa said that her daughter is still "quite a tiny one-year-old, but she’s a little fighter." The mother is "so happy that she is healthy and thriving.”

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