A rare pregnancy, which often claims the life of the mother, saw a happy ending in New Delhi, India. Full-term births of abdominal pregnancies are very rare. Doctors not only managed to deliver the child, but they also ensured that the mother survived the surgery. Both mother and child recovered from the surgery and were able to return home.

In most pregnancies, a fertilized egg develops in the uterus with the placenta providing it with nutrients and oxygen. Pregnancies where the fetus forms outside the uterus are known as ectopic pregnancy. In the case of the 35-year-old woman, the fetus developed attached to her bowel instead. This form of ectopic pregnancy does not see the fetus survive more than a few months.

The woman had come to the private hospital in the seventh month of her pregnancy with her second child. Times Now News reported that she had been passing pus in her urine, so the doctors put a stent in the right ureter to manage the situation.

Doctors at Aarogya Hospital were supposed to deliver the baby after her mother, who has not been named, was admitted there. Performing an ultrasound the doctors understood that the baby was in a breech position with its bottom facing down. As this causes difficulty in natural births, the doctors decided to go for a cesarian section surgery, Times of India reported.

Cutting open the mother’s abdomen the doctors discovered that it was an extra-uterine intra-peritoneal abdominal pregnancy. This turned the routine surgery into a complicated one. The doctors managed to safely remove the baby from the abdomen. They found that the placenta was attached to the woman’s bowel.

Removing the placenta caused massive hemorrhaging and heavy bleeding that could have claimed her life. The doctors managed to prevent the mother from bleeding out. They required four units of fresh frozen plasma and three units of blood.

Doctors were baffled as the ectopic pregnancy was not detected from six ultrasound examinations that the woman underwent before her surgery. The 5.8-pound baby was kept in the intensive care unit (ICU) for 12 hours while her mother was in the ICU for 24 hours. The mother and child safely recovered from the rare medical condition. There were discharged from the hospital soon after the birth.

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