The documentary “Francisco de Buenos Aires” will air in Argentina next week, showcasing the Pope's life from an intimate angle. Reuters

A documentary about the beloved Pope Francis’s life will air in Argentina next week for the first time. Miguel Rodriguez Arias who said in an interview with Efe that the Jorge Bergolio is a man who “lives as he speaks,” directed “Francisco de Buenos Aires”. Arias has been working on the project since 2013, when Pope Francis was elected after Pope Benedict stepped down; and the director says he has tens of thousands of videos showing all of Bergolio’s work and speeches since he became the Archbishop of Buenos Aires in 1998.

Arias says Bergolio kept a very low profile while being Archbishop and was surprised to find the image they had of him in Argentina was “completely distorted” since most people didn’t know he’s been working in poor neighborhoods for a long time and most importantly, he found that he is “a man of great consistency between his words and deeds.” And like many other documentaries and critics’ opinions, the director found Pope Francis is a one of a kind church leader.

The film, which is a little over an hour, will be realeased in theatres all over the [ontiff’s home country of Argentina on March 5, where people will be able to get a glimpse into the Pope’s life, not only based on archived footage and his career, but as told by friends and family of his, including his sister María Elena, who is the only one of his siblings that still lives.

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