Two dogs attacked an 80-year-old California woman who was out for a morning stroll in San Bernardino County on Friday. She died after the assault.

The Victor Valley Sheriff's Station issued a statement claiming that two Dogo Argentino breed dogs from a nearby house attacked Soon Han. Near Vinton Street and Mesa Road, the incident took place.

According to NBC News, deputies responded to a call at around 11 am. The California woman was found in the road and already unresponsive when the cops arrived.

Crime Online mentioned that Soon Han sustained multiple serious injuries as a result of the dog assault. According to the police report, Han was declared deceased at the spot.

Authorities said the two dog owners were quickly identified and are currently helping with the inquiry. San Bernardino County Animal Care & Control received a hold of the dogs and transported them there.

According to the police, the California woman was mauled to death by the two Dogo Argentinos when she was out with her own dogs. The Dogo Argentino is frequently described as a huge, white, and powerful dog breed.

They were primarily developed in Argentina to hunt large wildlife, such as wild boar. A male can weigh between 40 and 45 kilograms. These dogs, which resemble large pit bulls, often have a patient and amiable disposition, although they may become highly possessive and territorial, much like most dogs.

As they can be amiable one minute and agitated the next, this breed is frequently referred to as one of the most unpredictable dog breeds in existence. Due to this, the breed has been outlawed in numerous nations, including the UK.

Two pit dogs belonging to a Tennessee household assaulted two kids and their mother inside their home. The mother, Kirstie Jane Bennard, 30, managed to survive despite suffering many injuries while attempting to save her two children from the dogs.

Her 2-year-old daughter Lilly Jane and 5-month-old son Hollace Dean, however, were less fortunate.

"She put her body on top of Lilly's to try and protect her after the attack started," said Jeff Gibson, the uncle of Bennard's husband.

The attack occurred on October 5 and lasted approximately 10 minutes, per People. According to the Shelby County Sheriff's Office, the two kids passed away at the scene. Their mother was brought to a nearby hospital, where she is currently recovering. Cheech and Mia, the two dogs who attacked them, were killed.

It is still unknown why they assaulted the two kids despite being with the family for eight years. Additionally, the sheriff's office stated that the probe is "still an active, ongoing investigation." There is a GoFundMe page set up to assist the family.

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