A pack of stray dogs in Argentina rescued a 12-year-old girl from Buenos Aires on the morning of June 23 when a man came up from behind her attempting to rape her. The pack of strays were the only ones that heard the 12-year-old's screams for help.

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The girl's name has not been released but reports say she was on her way to her aunt's house when the attack occurred. As she walked by herself the would-be-rapist grabbed the girl from behind and placed his hand over her mouth. Dragging the girl to a secluded spot the man attempted to rape her.

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The young girl screamed for help hoping someone would hear her. Someone did hear the girl, a pack of street dogs raced down the street following the screams until the came upon the man and the girl. The dogs attacked the alleged rapist, biting him; giving the girl a chance to escape.

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The 12-year-old victim ran to a nearby house and residents called the police and her family. Unfortunately the attacker was not caught and the hero dogs were gone too.

This is yet another example of man's best friend springing into action when they sense trouble. These dogs have no home and nobody to look out for them yet the still look out for humans despite their circumstances.