Rape allegations against U.S President Donald Trump refuse to die down, as a Manhattan judge refused to dismiss a lawsuit brought forth by a former advice columnist E. Jean Carroll.

Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Doris Ling-Cohan refused to entertain a further delay of the March 6 discovery deadline for Trump to produce evidence in regard to the case. The same applies to the April 6 deadline— for the completion of depositions.

Trump’s attorney Lawrence Rosenm who was traveling on Thursday was unavailable for a response, hence the mail regarding a response to the ruling hasn't been answered as yet.

“Although defendant Trump, thorough his counsel, claims lack of personal jurisdiction, notably, there is not even a tweet, much less an affidavit by defendant Trump in support of his motion,” wrote Ling-Cohan in a statement. “Instead ... defendant asserts, through his attorney in a mere Memorandum of Law Support, that this court should take judicial notice that the president of the United States has resided in the White House for the past three years,” Ling-Cohan added.

This ruling spells bad news to the sitting president, as he will have to offer answers to the questions for the plaintiff about the alleged sexual assault in the next three months.

 The sexual assault case dates back to an incident in 1996 when Carroll met Trump inside the department store. After a brief exchange of pleasantries, it is learned that Trump apparently requested Carroll’s support in helping him buy a present for a female friend.

When a bodysuit was finally decided upon, the wealthy developr allegedly forced her to try it on for him and forced himself upon her. At present, roughly over two decades later; the criminal statute of limitations in the case has passed.

While it is yet to be known what lies ahead of the president, Trump has time and again refuted the charges, terming them “bogus”. What’s more, Trump openly stated that she was not his type.

Despite the multiple refusals, Carroll’s attorneys are unconvinced and desperately wait for answers. “We look forward to moving ahead and proving that Donald Trump lied when he told the world that he did not rape our client and had not even met her,”  said a statement from Carroll’s attorney Roberta Kaplan.