Donald Trump claims that polls showing support for the impeachment are on the decline. On Monday, the U.S. president took to Twitter to defend himself and claim that the majority of Americans have already turned strongly against the ongoing impeachment inquiry.

“Support for impeachment is dropping like a rock, down into the 20's in some polls,” Donald Trump wrote on Twitter. Dems should get down to work and finally approve USMCA, and much more!” he added.

While some polling actually shows a decrease in support for the impeachment, it is not true that support is “dropping like a rock.” In fact, CNN noted that polls showing that support has dropped down into the 20’s do not exist.

According to CNN, polls suggest that support for impeachment continues to hold fairly steady and strong among Democrats. In mid-November, the Morning Consult poll showed that 82 percent of Democrats support the ongoing impeachment inquiry while the NPR/PBS Newshour poll showed that 86 percent of the party still wanted Trump removed from the White House.

Just like the Democrats, the Republicans have also not made any significant shifts since the first public impeachment hearings. Mid-November polls showed that about 11 to 14 percent of Republicans still supported the impeachment.

Although support for the impeachment has slightly slipped among the Democrats, Republicans and independent voters since the first round of impeachment hearings, it still does not warrant a celebration from the U.S. president. None of the polls show that support for the impeachment is down in the 20s aside from conservative firm Rasmussen, an organization that releases inaccurate or ambiguous polls.

Back in September, Trump also misrepresented available data from Rasmussen to show that his approval rating had improved. On Twitter, the U.S. president claimed that his approval rating among the Republicans was 95 percent, one percent higher than the previous 94 percent. While it was true that his approval rating around that time had improved, it was not as high as he claimed.

Meanwhile, the recent slip in support for the impeachment should not be a cause of alarm among the Democrats. As CNN noted, support for presidential impeachment normally fluctuates. Also, the available polling was conducted toward the beginning and middle of the inquiry and not following them.

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