Donald Trump Jon Stewart Twitter War: Why Did Stewart Call Trump "F***face von Clownstick"? [ONLINE VIDEO]

Jon Stewart
Jon Stewart, pictured, engaged Donald Trump in a war of words. Creative Commons

In a monologue blasting outspoken conservative Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas [SEE IT HERE] Comedy Central pundit Jon Stewart took a shot at real estate mogul Donald Trump. He lamented what he considered the perceived disdain for Cruz among members of both parties, noting a majority of Democrats and longtime Republican Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., were unhappy with Cruz' recent behavior.

Cruz, a favorite among conservatives, has been especially critical of two recent cabinet nominations by President Barack Obama: Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense, and John Brennan as CIA Director. Obama's allies in the Democratic party were unhappy with Cruz' intent line of questioning. McCain was also critical, as Jon Stewart pointed out, the former Republican presidential candidate called Cruz and his filibuster ally Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., "whacko birds".

Stewart continued his monologue on Cruz, transitioning to the Texan's presidential prospects. Playing a clip from FOX's "Hannity", Stewart used host Sean Hannity's question of whether Cruz' Canadian birth would disqualify him from office as a segue into his next subject.

"Oh," Stewart loudly exclaimed, "the Texas freedom fighter is nothing but a dirty syrup guzzler," he said sarcastically, referencing Canadian prosperity in the field of maple syrup production.

When Cruz said he would "leave [the issue] to others," Stewart rhetorically responded: "I know someone who could look into it." The comedian then showed a photograph of Donald Trump, and satirized his recent demands that President Obama release his birth certificate.

"Call the birther team back from Hawaii," Stewart called, "We're heading to Winnepeg [Manitoba]." He then took his now infamous shot at Trump, which began flooding the Twitter-sphere soonafter: "Did you know that Donald Trump's birth name is 'F***face von Clownstick?'"

Twitter user scottygam tweeted Trump to ask for a response from the New York mogul. Unwilling to delve too deep into the mudslinging, Trump later tweeted simply "Amazing how the haters & losers keep tweeting the name F***face Von Clownstick like they are so original ..."

Trump then tweeted that Stewart's birth name was not simply "Jon Stewart", it is Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz: "If Jon Stewart is so above it all & legit, why did he change his name from Jonathan Leibowitz? He should be proud of his heritage!" He later referred to "The Daily Show" host as "overrated" and "phony".

Stewart, who originally claimed to shorten his name because it sounded "too Hollywood", tweeted a slight change in response to Trump's recent tweet: "Can't an overrated Jew have a complicated relationship with his dad without being accused of hiding his heritage?" adding the tag F***facevonclownstick. Reportedly, Stewart's father left the family when Jon was about eleven, and has not had any major contact with him since.

Nonetheless, the line-stretching comic and outspoken real estate magnate have likely not seen the last of Twitter battles whether with eachother or other individuals.

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