Rep. Liz Cheney dropped a bombshell on Tuesday when she said that former U.S. President Donald Trump attempted to tamper with a witness for the Jan. 6 Inquiry in Congress, putting him in the crosshairs of the Justice Department.

The Jan. 6 Congressional Inquiry showcased the many illegal ways that Donald Trump and his cohorts had attempted to hold onto the Presidency even after the tremendous loss he suffered at the elections, according to CNBC News.

Witness and former White House counsel Pat Cipollone confirmed during the inquiry that many did not believe the false election narrative that Trump was peddling at the time. In spite of that, him and others in the White House allowed the desperate plans to keep Trump in power to continue, Business Insider reported.

And now, Cheney confirmed that they have informed the Justice Department about the attempted witness tampering by Trump to a witness who has not yet shown up in the inquiry, saying that Trump had called them personally for unknown reasons.

“After our last hearing, President Trump tried to call a witness in our investigation — a witness you have not yet seen in these hearings. That person declined to answer or respond to President Trump's call and, instead, alerted their lawyer to the call,” Cheney said.

“Their lawyer alerted us, and this committee has supplied that information to the Department of Justice. Let me say one more time: We will take any effort to influence witness testimony very seriously.”

The investigation on the Jan. 6 Insurrection appears to be as concerned with ensuring that Trump be seen as the responsible party for his attempted takeover of the Presidency as the cohorts around him, with Cheney highlighting that Trump knew what he was attempting to do at the time, CNN reported.

“As our investigation has shown, Donald Trump had access to more detailed and specific information showing that the election was not actually stolen than almost any other American,” Cheney said. “Just like everyone else in our country, he is responsible for his own actions and his own choices.”

Rep. Liz Cheney said that former U.S. President Donald Trump attempted to tamper with a witness to the Jan. 6 Congressional Inquiry, as they continue to set their sights on Trump and his cohorts for their actions in the Jan. 6 Insurrection. Pool/Getty Images.

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