Donald Trump’s ignorance toward the growing evidence that Russia attempted to kill American troops in Afghanistan has become a point of criticism for many.

There is mounting evidence that Trump administration, including the POTUS himself, was well aware since 2019 that Russia has been offering bounties to a few members of the Taliban to kill American soldiers.

Several reports published in the recent past indicate that U.S. intelligence has been well-aware of the financial transaction between the Russian intelligence and sources linked to the Taliban. Additionally, a middleman has been identified who used to distribute cash to the Taliban. The same distribution of cash or bounties has been linked to the death of American soldiers in Afghanistan.

Despite the increasing evidence against Russia, Trump has constantly praised the country and its president, Vladimir Putin, several times. Russia has been invited by the U.S. to rejoin the G7 group of democracies and also announced the withdrawal of American troops from Germany without taking advice from its allies.

Trump has, however, claimed that the whole theory suggesting Russia offering a bounty to kill American troops is a hoax. The White House, on the other hand, has presented a series of contradictory pieces of excuses.

It is possible for Trump to not having any prior knowledge about it. However, the chances of that happening are too less.

According to the former head of the CIA and NSA, Michael Hayden, the U.S. Intelligence informs the president of everything, even the information that is not 100 percent verified. So if the U.S. intelligence did know about Russia offering a bounty to the Taliban to kill U.S. soldiers or even had evidence, there is no way Trump may not have known.

The fact that Trump did know about Russia’s reality and still did nothing to protest against it is, therefore, disturbing. Instead, Trump continued to favor and praise Putin for different reasons.

This gives rise to the question that is currently being debated across the U.S. and worldwide – is Trump looking out for American people or is his political agenda the only priority?

Donald and Putin Magnate y pre candidato presidencial Donald Trump durante un debate en Las Vegas, Nevada Deciembre 15, 2015./Presidente Ruso Vladimir Putin en su discurso anual de fin de ano en Moscow, Rusia, Deciembre 17, 2015 Reuters/Mike Blake/Maxim Zmeyev