Kellyanne Conway has resigned from her position as Donald Trump’s longtime adviser. She told the president about her departure on Sunday night and sources from the White House said the president was immediately supportive of her decision.

Kellyanne Conway had been the campaign manager of Trump before she became a presidential adviser in 2016. She is the wife of George Conway, the conservative lawyer from the U.S. Justice Department who has been an outspoken critic of Trump. In a statement on Sunday, Kellyanne revealed that while she and her husband disagreed on matters of politics, “we are united on what matters most: the kids.”

“Our four children are teens and tweens starting a new academic year, in middle school and high school, remotely from home for at least a few months,” she said. “As millions of parents nationwide know, kids doing school from home requires a level of attention and vigilance that is as unusual as these times,” she added.

Kellyanne denied rumors that her role as Trump’s adviser driving a wedge between her and her husband was the reason behind her resignation. “This is completely my choice and my voice,” she said.

On Sunday, George Conway also announced his departure from the anti-Trump organization The Lincoln Project, which he co-founded in 2019 to prevent the reelection of Trump in the 2020 national elections. George said he was leaving his post to devote more time to his family. He also announced that he would take a hiatus from Twitter following his resignation.

Despite his resignation, George said he would continue to uphold the mission of his organization. “Needless to say, I continue to support the Lincoln Project and its mission. Passionately,” he said.

In 2019, George made headlines after declaring that Trump was not mentally fit to serve as president, to which Trump responded by calling him a “total loser” and “husband from hell.”  The controversy intensified when Kellyanne sided with the president instead of her husband.

“You think he shouldn’t respond when somebody, a non-medical professional accuses him of having a mental disorder? You think he should just take that sitting down?” she said.

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