This is why different studies suggest drinking a glass of wine a day might actually help women lose weight instead of gaining weight! Shutterstock/alexpro9500

Three UK women have garnered international attention with their weight loss tip: drinking a glass of wine with their dinner. The women claim that red wine helps satisfy their cravings and has kept them on track gaining control of their weight. “My long-held desire to snack on sweets, biscuits and chocolate after my dinner has disappeared and the relaxing effect of the alcohol makes me feel that, despite cutting back, I’m not being hard done by,” Linda Monk, one of the women, told the Daily Mail.

Samantha Merrit also agrees with having wine with dinner. “I’ve swapped fast food for balanced, home-made meals to enjoy with my glass of wine. I no longer have cravings for crisps and chocolate. I’ve found wine curbs my appetite after my main course and quenches any desire for pudding.” She added, “Now, I can happily say no to a dessert and I treat myself to a glass or two around four nights a week. I found a full-bodied red — never white, which I think is too acidic — helped me sleep and lowered my anxiety levels, too.”

Joana Kingston shared her experience too. “I couldn’t resist munching on chocolate when I finally sat down to relax at night. Now I pour myself a nice glass of red wine and the thing is that unlike chocolate, I’m happy with just a glass — so even though it may be a similar amount of calories, I feel more in control.”

However, everything has to be done in moderation as there are serious health risks linked to over indulgence, but a small glass of wine might be the key to staying slim. Daily Mail adds that according to one study, red wine in particular contains high concentrations of resveratrol, which is found in the skin of grapes, and this compound helps break down fats and reduce the total amount of fat in your body. They mention a Harvard University study of 20,000 women, which found that those who drank half a bottle of wine a day had 70 percent reduced risk of obesity compared to non-drinkers.

Another study, presented at the European Conference on Obesity in Prague a few weeks ago, found that a glass of red wine every night increased the levels of the “good” cholesterol HDL. Now, why is it that drinking wine is better for women than men when it comes to slimming down? Mostly because the process of digesting it triggers the body to burn calories, and since women make a smaller amount of the enzyme that metabolizes alcohol than men, the body works harder producing the enzyme that requires the body to burn energy.

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