A drug and alcohol addict raped his own mother at knifepoint, threatening to slit her throat if she did not comply with his demand, police said.

The “despicable act” took place on Thursday night, Nov. 4, at a home in the slums of Ghaziabad in Uttar Pradesh, India.

According to the police, the young suspect, who has not been publicly identified, came home in an inebriated state and launched an attack on his mother, a domestic aide.

When the woman objected to her son's advances, the suspect pulled out a knife and put it on her neck, and allegedly threatened to kill her if she does not surrender to him, police said on Saturday.

As the helpless mother kept resisting her son's act, the suspect increased the pressure on the knife's blade and repeated his threats, City Superintendent of Police Gyanendra Singh said.

Allegedly, the accused then raped his mother, The Tribune reported.

Following the incident, the devastated mother approached the police and filed a complaint against her son.

Based on the woman’s complaint, police arrested the young suspect on Friday. The mother was sent for a medical examination, police said.

“My husband lives in Rampur district and he is also on drugs. He never gives money to run the house. I worked as domestic help and nurtured my four children. I never thought that my son will rape me,” the woman told the police.

The woman added that her son had been living in bad company and had also resorted to drugs and alcohol.

“He would always keep a knife with himself and a blade in his mouth. He is cruel by nature and prone to picking up fights with local people,” she told police.

The incident is being investigated, the police said.

In a similar but unrelated incident, a 12-year-old girl in the UK allegedly gave birth to a child after experiencing stomach pains. The minor was impregnated by his 14-year-old brother who sexually assaulted her when she was only 11-years-old.

The teen father said that he and his sister were wrestling in bed and later ended up kissing each other, removing their clothes, and having sex.

The father of the child is now 16-years-old and had already pleaded guilty to two counts of statutory rape.

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