In a shocking incident, a 17-year-old girl was allegedly kidnapped, beaten and gangraped by 17 men in Saryagash, Kazakhstan.

The alleged crime took place over four days after the girl's drink was spiked by a taxi driver who took the high school student to a stranger's house, reported Daily Mail. The men allegedly took turns to rape her, and when she tried to fight back, they thrashed her and threatened to drown her in the river.

She claimed that in May, she was given a spiked drink by a cab driver when she was returning home after buying a prom dress from a market. Instead of taking her home, the driver reportedly turned the car around and drove her in the wrong direction. She said that she started crying after which the driver told her to calm down and gave her a plastic bottle that apparently had water. She said that after taking sips, she blacked out.

She woke up by the river, and found herself lying on the ground completely naked and surrounded by many men. She said, "They raped me on the bank then took me to a house. There, they raped me again then started to call their friends saying 'come here, we have a girl.'" The men returned the victim her clothes and put her out of the front door after the abuse that lasted four days, said her mother.

The girl narrated her ordeal on a public platform as cops have still not arrested the rapists, The Sun reported. The victim's mother said that the case was opened five months ago, but no arrests have been made since then. In connection with the alleged gangrape, 17 men are now under investigation and have been asked not to leave town. The victim remembered the faces of the men and reported them to cops.

Commenting on the case, a spokeswoman for the Turkestan region police department, Saltanat Karakozova, said that the investigation is ongoing and a "series of examinations are underway."

Important evidence was destroyed by the girl's mother, who had burned the clothes her daughter was wearing before being abused, said investigators. Explaining why she did it, she said that she burned the clothes "to get rid of bad memories."

Representational image Photo by Greyerbaby / Pixabay