Authorities sentenced a man to 21 months imprisonment for abusing a woman and breaking her nephew's finger with her teeth during a party.

Liam Wharton was also ordered to pay Debbie Peers £10,000 ($13,300) in reparation and Ryan Peers £1,500 ($2,000) in restitution and undergo 30 days of rehabilitation.

According to Liverpool Echo, Debbie was trying to stop an argument at her nephew's house when Wharton brutally attacked them at a party in Sept. 2019.

Debbie dragged Wharton away after he got drunk. However, the man quickly returned aggressively.

He hit Debbie in the face, knocking her unconscious, as the quarrel spilled outdoors.

At Liverpool Crown Court this week, prosecutor Ken Grant said per Daily Star : "He punched Debbie Peers with force in the face, knocking her out."

"She then fell to the floor."

"It must have been a powerful punch because of the injuries she suffered, with her jaw being broken in numerous places."

While defending Debbie, Ryan got stuck in the brawl. Wharton bit Ryan's finger and fractured it.

Debbie has already paid over £2,000 ($2,600) on dental fees, with an extra £5,000 ($6,600) cost expected in the future.

Despite this, he told the judge that the man's children would be the ones to suffer if he went to prison.

"I still suffer from dizzy spells and on Christmas Eve, while trying to put my shoes on, I blacked out," she said.

"I want him to be punished in other ways but I do not want his children to not have their father with them," she added.

Judge Clement Goldstone QC appreciated the woman's demeanor but said it would have no bearing on how she dealt with the male.

Judge Goldstone told Wharton: "Her attitude, whilst it did not influence the way I am dealing with you, is one which I can only describe as refreshingly magnanimous and one which you should be entirely grateful for, though it is one you do not deserve at any level."

"She, unlike you, has guts," the judge added.

In addition, the man was forced to pay the victim's surcharge as well as the costs of the case.

Wharton expressed tremendous sorrow for his acts, according to defending Christopher Stables. He read out Wharton's letter stating he couldn't believe what he had put the Peers family through and that he was ashamed of his actions.

Wharton wrote in his letter that he hoped he could turn back the clock so that nobody had to experience this.

Stables said Wharton was the family's main breadwinner and that if he went to prison, his partner and two young children would likely lose their home.

Wharton had previously denied injuring Ryan and attacking Debbie. Still, on the day of his trial, he pled guilty.

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