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A man residing in Lakhimpur Kheri district in India's Uttar Pradesh allegedly attempted to rape his married daughter in her sleep. The mother called the police after having been woken up by her daughter’s cries for help.

According to India Today, the daughter was visiting her parents and decided to sleepover at their residence on Monday night. She had been sleeping on a bed when she woke up to her drunk father touching her inappropriately. With other members of her family fast asleep in the courtyard, the daughter cried out to no avail as her father threatened her if she tried to wake everyone. However, she kept screaming for help which eventually woke her mother who came rushing to her aid.

Both mother and daughter approached the police and gave their statement to the officers detailing the incident. Police found out that the daughter was just recently married to a distant relative as she also reportedly revealed to police that her father has sexually assaulted her in the past but she had chosen to remain quiet about it.

Police arrested the father, who was sent to jail and confessed to committing the crime he had been accused of by his wife and daughter. The daughter was sent for a medical examination on Tuesday and her case will be presented in court based on the women’s statements under section 164 of The Code of Criminal Procedure or Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC).

Maigalganj SHO CP Singh confirmed to the Times of India, "The accused was heavily drunk when we arrested him." Police said they will continue to investigate on the matter.

Such crimes remain a plague in India even amid the ongoing uproar over the alleged rape and murder of a 9-year-old girl in Delhi. A priest running a crematorium along with three other male employees have been arrested in connection to the incident. Police continue to investigate the case as the parents of the victim allege that their daughter was raped prior to being murdered. The suspects reportedly pushed for the girl's cremation without the parent’s consent.

Police and the local government have since been faced with a nationwide outrage over the incident, which escalated from protests being held outside the crematorium and people storming the crematorium premises to confront the accused priest.

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