A 38-year-old woman is now in jail for three-and-a-half years after reportedly having sex with a married man who had no idea it was not his wife. She was identified as Marie Le-Mar who was drunk and sneaked into the room of the victim.

Per reports, the woman removed her clothes and went into the room of the man after a drinking session just days before England went on lockdown in 2020. The man was sleeping in a different room from his wife because his snoring kept her partner up.

On that fateful night, the man was woken up when the woman tried to engage in sex with him with the lights out. He initially thought that the woman was his wife and tried to pull her on top of him. However, he realized that it was a different woman when she fell off the bed.

When he came to his senses, the man told his wife of what had just happened. The man’s wife then called the police with Le-Mar a bit rowdy at the time and even threatening to knock off the wife’s teeth.

Le-Mar tried to resist arrest when the police arrived. Bodycam footage even showed her trying to fight off police, kicking them in the chest with her barefoot.

When things settled down, the 38-year-old woman could not recall what had happened. She eventually admitted to charges of causing a person to engage in sexual activity without consent; sexual assault; common assault; and assault of an emergency worker.

Per her counsel, it turns out that Le-Mar had a tough life since she was 7-years-old. Until now, she had never committed any sex offenses.

"She has no sexual attraction to this man, it is not something she would ever consider and she cannot explain why it is she decided to act in this way. She is not a predator,” Derek Johashen stated. "Her offending behaviour is because of her use of alcohol. In this particular offence she was very drunk, so much so that she fell from the bed. Alcohol is never an excuse, but this is a woman who is hearing voices."

Suspect Handcuffed
Representational image. Reuters

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