During a drunken rampage, a flasher exposed himself and then sexually assaulted a nurse in a hospital, and now has been put behind bars.

At Canterbury Crown Court in England Thursday, John Donoghue, who was earlier convicted for flashing at kids in a park, was sentenced to jail for 30 months, reported KentOnline. He pleaded guilty to exposure, sexual assault and three counts of assault.

In July, the 32-year-old attacked a staff member after she spotted him in the accident and emergency department of Ashford's William Harvey Hospital with his genitals out. The sex offender had consumed two-and-a-half liters of vodka before the attack at the hospital. Donoghue also stripped off his clothes and threw his shoes at staff, spat at a nurse and attacked two security guards.

After being found unconscious at a petrol station, he had been taken to the hospital but upon his arrival, he started "throwing his weight around" before carrying out his lewd acts, according to Mirror. A nurse was assisting him to the washroom when she saw he had exposed himself after which he groped her. She warned him not to do it again and told her colleagues, who helped in quarantining him.

The assault left the nurse unable to help other patients for a while. After some time, Donoghue stripped off his belt and sweater, waved the belt at staff, threw his shoes at security and spat at a nurse. Before police arrived and arrested him, he also assaulted a healthcare worker and two security guards.

At the court, prosecutor Sean Summerfield spoke of how Donoghue exposed himself when he was being helped by a nurse to the washroom. Summerfield said that when they reached the washroom, Donoghue grabbed her breast and squeezed it.

One victim told the court that although working in the accident and emergency department you can become used to working with intoxicated and aggressive people, but it does not make it right for people to assault staff members.

Attorney Ali Dewji said that Donoghue had been in an "extremely low mood" before the attack and was racked with remorse. Dewji added that this had been brought on by Donoghue's battle with alcohol addiction.

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