Kate Del Castillo
Kate Del Castillo presents "Dueños del paraíso" to the media in NY. Andres Catana Photography

"Dueños del Paraíso," starring Kate del Castillo, will be premiering on Telemundo Tuesday, January 13th at 10pm ET. Del Castillo plays the role of Anastasia Cardona, the widow of a well-known Mexican drug lord who has become psychologically disturbed by the violence that has surrounded her. She partners up with two local cocaine traffickers to take on the Santa Norma cartel, where they become the target of the so-called “drug wars,” transforming the streets of South Florida into a terrifying battlefield. This new series will have Kate back in a mafia war, but this time set in Miami and set in the 80s. Latin Times sat down with Kate Del Castillo as she talks about her return to Telemundo and this new project she refers to as a “TV series” and explains why. Take a look at the exclusive interview.

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