Seven people were injured in Dusseldorf, Germany, victims of an assault of a man armed with an ax at the train station. At first, it was reported that two people were arrested after attacking several people, but an official press release from Dusseldorf police posted on their Facebook page spoke of a single detainee.

"We are not using the word terrorism," said a police spokeswoman according to El Pais. The woman denied the existence of a real threat of further attacks.

"I went to the airport and I started to hear a lot of noise and a lot of shouting," said Alberto Covés, 23, who lives in Dusseldorf, where he works as a journalist. "I was going to enter the station and we were not allowed in, I'm out to see how to go to the airport to catch my flight." Covés, told El Pais by phone, adding that the situation at the scene was relatively calm.

After all the information was exposed, hundreds of reactions to the incident came out on Twitter.