As the “Edens Zero” Chapter 84 release date approaches, a few spoilers have started to make their way into the net. One such spoiler hints what exactly Drakken wants from Rebecca.

‘Edens Zero’ Chapter 83 Recap

After having one of his arms chopped off Weisz Steiner (X442) passed out. He was then taken to the sickbay as Drakken did not intend to kill anyone unless necessary as he is more interested in them making money for him.

Drakken told Shiki and the rest that their ship Edens One was already completely taken over by his men. Apparently, the real Seth is actually a computer program that took over the ship’s system when his body exploded. As a result, all of the androids such as Witch, Sister Ivry, Hermit, and Mosco were taken out as well. Captain Connor was held hostage by Diego Reyes.

But the worst is yet to come. Shiki started crying why everything turned out like this when all his crew wanted was just a fun adventure making friends and sailing the cosmos together.

Shiki then stood up and faced Drakken. “Someday, I swear I will beat you then I’ll be your friend because you don’t have any now,” he told their captor.

But Drakken made a surprising decision. “You won’t have a someday, you’re adventure is over,” he said as he shot Shiki in the head. While he said he doesn’t kill, as a rule, he has his exceptions – those who refuse to bow down to his authority just like what Shiki did.

The chapter ended with the fortune teller Xiaomei continuing her narration. “On the seventh day of the tenth month in Cosmic Era X 492, Shiki Granbell lost his life. Nevertheless, our story continues,” she said.

‘Edens Zero’ Chapter 84 Spoilers

Based on “Edens Zero” Chapter 84 spoilers posted on Reddit, it appears that everyone will be okay. While Shiki remains dead, Rebecca will be treated better than the rest of the team though she will remain to be under lock and key.

The real reason that Drakken captured Rebecca is that he wants to extract her powers and make them his own. In fact, he already has a device that can extract ether gear but it remains to be seen if he will be using this device next chapter.

But the question is why Drakken wants Rebecca’s Leaper ether gear. So far, it has only boosted Rebecca’s leaping, speed, and agility. Does it have a hidden ability that Rebecca has not yet discovered?

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