Edith Gonzalez Panama Papers
The Telemundo star has been linked to the Panama Papers scandal, read how here. Telemundo

Yikes! There are many people involved in the Panama Papers and one of the names linked to the scandal is a beloved actress. That's right, Edith Gonzalez, the "Eva La Trailera" Telemundo star, was one of the many personalities cited in these documents. The leak that came from the offshore law firm, Mossack Fonseca, which is based in Panama exposed many world leaders, officials, sports figures and celebrities. The practice has these people set up alleged offshore companies which helps them avoid taxed in their home countries. Although this is not illegal, when these fake companies are made up, it is usually to participate in illicit activities.

How these "businesses" operate is by naming a fake director to conceal the real shareholder's identity. By accepting to partake in these type of negotiations, Mossack Fonseca is getting their hands dirty by potentially participating in operations in aiding and abetting tax evasion and money laundering. The Panama-based company said that offshore companies are available around the world and are used for legitimate purposes. “If we detect suspicious activity or misconduct, we are quick to report it to the authorities,” it said. “Similarly, when authorities approach us with evidence of possible misconduct, we always co-operate fully with them.”

This brings us back to our beloved telenovela actress Edith Gonzalez and how she became involved in this scandal.

1. Edith Gonzalez is a famous celebrity in México having credits in hit telenovelas like "Corazón Salvaje" (1993), "Salomé," "Nunca Te Olvidaré," "Mundo De Fieras," "Doña Barbara," "Vivir A Destiempo," "Las Bravo" and currently on Telemundo's "Eva La Trailera."

2. Edith Gonzalez is cited in the documents, according to Proceso, as the final beneficiary of a company based in the Bahamas.

3. Edith Gonzalez is currently married to Lorenzo Lazo Margain, director of law firm, Alemán Velasco y Asociados.

4. The previously stated law firm is owned by Miguel Alemán Velasco, who is the son of former Mexican president Miguel Alemán Valdes.

5. Miguel Alemán Velasco is a former associate of Televisa and is the Veracruz governor and the owner of Interjet airline.

6. Edith Gonzalez had previously been linked to Santiago Creel Miranda, the former government secretary of the PAN political party. They both have a daughter in common.

7. Edith Gonzalez rose to fame starring in Televisa productions. She made a big move to Telemundo back in 2008 to star in "Doña Barbara" and returned to Televisa a few years later.

8. In 2011, Edith Gonzalez made another move, but this time to the Azteca network, owned by Grupo Salinas.

9. Grupo Salinas was founded by Ricardo Benjamín Salinas Pliego. The group also owns bank Banco Azteca and Fundación Azteca which focuses on social work.

10. Ricardo Benjamín Salinas Pliego was cited in the documents of having bought a yacht from an offshore company based in the Virgin Islands created by Mossack Fonseca.

Edith Gonzalez only involvement in this scandal is being the benificiary of one of the companies that was created by Mossack Fonseca.

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