Miguel Valdés, the grandson of the late actor Ramón Valdés, who gave life to the iconic character Don Ramón in "El Chavo del Ocho," shared, 31 years after his death, never seen before images of him in his last days with a meaningful message. Valdés died after an extensive fight against cancer.

don ramon and friends In the picture you see the actor in the hospital in a robe, very smiling and raising his thumb surrounded by friends and family. @RamnValdsCasti1

"Today 31 years ago Monchito died, as you can see in this photo, even with terminal cancer he kept smiling, kept joking and making people around him happy, this beautiful character made people like you love him to date, and it is just thanks to you he is still alive every time we turn on the TV, every time someone shares a meme or a phrase from Monchito, thank you friends, we love you very much and we thank you so much," wrote Miguel Valdés on his Twitter account.

"A treasure for me, a picture of my grandfather signing the marriage certificate of my parents, his smile shows his great happiness, he loved my dad very much. It will be one of the few photographs you will see of my grandfather dressed in a suit. He always preferred his jeans, shirt and tennis," later he wrote.

In an interview with Teleshow, Miguel spoke about the documentary he made about the life of the beloved the father of La Chilindrina and mortal enemy of Doña Florinda in "El Chavo del Ocho." "The main idea was to make a book, my uncle Esteban Valdés wanted to write about my grandfather's life from his point of view and this text would have a DVD with the interviews of my grandfather's three dearest companions: Edgar Vivar, María Antonieta de las Nieves and Carlos Villagrán," he said adding that the material was so great that the family took a step further and upload it to YouTube. "Doing this work I learned many things that I had no idea and I never imagined. Thousands! I learned little by little and the public too. For example, I had no idea that he was so paternal and affectionate, a facet of my grandfather that I would have liked to live and that thanks to what they tell me, today I can know." 

According to Infobae, on several occasions Don Ramón said he felt like a baby. "I was born a child and I'm still a kid: I have the character of a child and the kids understand me well."