'El Desconocido: La Historia Del Cholo Adrián' U.S. Premiere: Guillermo Iván Talks Original Series [VIDEO]

Guillermo Ivan
Don't miss the worldwide premiere of “El Desconocido: La Historia del Cholo Adrián”! Cinelatino presents the story of the top hitman of the world’s most notorious drug lord. Photo: Courtesy

“El Desconocido: La Historia del Cholo Adrián” (“The Unknown Hitman: The Story of El Cholo Adrián”) will premiere exclusively in the U.S. on Cinelatino with back-to-back airings on Friday, July 28, at 10 and 11pm ET.  

Inspired by true events, “El Desconocido” is the fictional story of “El Cholo” Adrián, right-hand man to the infamous drug lord, “El Chato” Guzman, who heads Mexico’s most powerful drug cartel. This action-packed drama tells the story of El Cholo, who was born into a drug trafficking family in a small town in Sinaloa and is the son of the legendary narco, El Cobra. The series follows El Cholo’s rise to power within the cartel, his blossoming friendship with El Chato, his tragic love story, and his ultimate capture alongside El Chato.

“This captivating series is unlike any other narco-drama on television,” said Carolina Bilbao, Executive Producer of “El Desconocido” and Executive Creative Director of Cinelatino. “The fictional series, inspired by real headlines, goes beyond basic storytelling and examines the human side of the war—the story delves into the characters and their personal experiences, choices, dilemmas and conflicts, as well as what it means to be born into a narco family and have no other realistic alternatives. Viewers will be able to identify with the themes of friendship, parenthood, youth, love and loss. We are honored to tell this never-before-told story, we’re confident audiences will love it.”

The five-part series features a an all-star cast, including Guillermo Iván. Graduated from the Faculty of Arts and Letters at the University of La Havana, Guillermo Iván received a degree in production and direction from the Union Nacional de Escritores y Artistas of Cuba. Moving to New York, he completed two years of training as a full-time student at HB Studio. As an actor, his work can be seen in many feature films in Mexico, Colombia, and The USA (Trade, Vantage Point, Elliot's love, "La Casa de los Babies"); he had his directorial debut in 2009 with "No Turning Back" (Sin Retorno), followed by Balls and Carrusel (2012), also written, produced and acted by him, and many others. 

Estrella Solís (Anything but Plain, “Como Dice el Dicho”), Mario Zaragoza (“Capadocia,” From Prada to Nada, Man on Fire, Get the Gringo, “Suave Patria”), Scarlet Gruber (“Tierra de Reyes,” Passions of the Heart), Ivonne Montero (“Ladrón que Roba a Ladrón,” “Desiciones,” “El Tigre de Santa Julia,” “Sin Verguenzas,” “Anita no te Rajes!”), and José Ángel Bichir (“Tiempo Final,” “Los Simuladores”), are also part of the cast. 

Juárez/El Paso-based indie band The Chamanas, nominated for a Latin Grammy for “Best New Artist” in 2016, re-recorded their original song “Las Penas” (“The Regrets”) for the series’ opening credits. Directed by celebrated filmmaker Gonzalo Gonzalez, the film was written by Erick Hernández and produced by Plus Entertainment exclusively for Cinelatino.

Following the premiere, new episodes will air every Sunday at 11pm ET/8pm PT, with the previous week’s episode airing at 10pm ET/7pm PT. Viewers can access more information, including exclusive behind-the-scenes content, including talent bios, cast interviews and trivia here.


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