El Dasa
El Dasa talks about his upcoming show "El Vato" on NBC Universo, new single "Perdi El Sombrero," and more. Jessica L. Roiz / Latin Times

El Dasa will soon make his acting debut on the upcoming TV series "El Vato" premiering Sunday on NBC Universo. The Regional Mexican singer will star in the original scripted series produced by Endemol Shine Latino and Boomdog. The 10-episode dramedy is based on El Dasa's real life, where aspiring crooner "El Vato" leaves his life in Mexico to land a once-in-a-lifetime record deal in Los Angeles.

"You can expect a lot of quality TV," said Dasachev Lopez Saavedra, a.k.a. El Dasa, to Latin Times. "It's the first time that NBC produces a Spanish-language series for the Latino market," he said, adding that the production is of very high quality because of the money, time, and professionalism that was invested in the project.

On the series, the 23-year-old singer from Hermosillo, Mexico takes the leading role of Miguel Cisnero Altamirano a.k.a. "El Vato," a role ---that although there were many similarities--- was quite challenging. "I've never acted, that's why it was a big challenge for me, but I put all my heart and effort into this project," he said, stating that NBC Universo reached out to him with the fitting role.

"They analyzed every artist and they felt that I was the perfect candidate because the character was similar to me," he said. "They added a lot of things about my personal life to the series. El Dasa and El Vato are very similar, but at the same time, very different," he added, noting that both he and the character are dreamers and dedicated people.

The stellar cast includes, Cristina Rodlo(Mariana),Gustavo Egelhaaf (El Pollo), Ricardo Polanco (Brandon), Arcelia Ramirez (Tia Eli), Horacio Castelo (Lolo), Mauricio Martinez (Marcos), and Mexican novela star Itati Cantoral (Wendy). "It was an honor to work with Itati because I learned a lot from her," said El Dasa of his colleague. "The majority of the actors are theater actors from Mexico. They are all very talented," he added.

In support of the new series, El Dasa is promoting his single "Perdi El Sombrero," the theme song of "El Vato." "There's a lot of my songs that will premiere in the series. They are part of an album coming in June," he said. "El Vato" has premieres at 10 p.m. ET on Sunday, April 17 via cable network NBC Universo.

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