Rumors about “En Familia Con Chabelo” coming to an end surfaced at the beginning of November when different sources announced that Televisa was cancelling everyone’s favorite Sunday-morning show after 48 years of entertaining millions of Mexican families. On November 27, Xavier López “Chabelo,” el amigo de todos los niños, confirmed the news on his personal YouTube channel:

“Everything in life has a cycle, a beginning and an end. ‘En Familia con Chabelo’ began 48 years ago with a format that not many thought would last and thanks to all of you, it has lasted,” said the 80-year-old host. “48 years later, I have nothing else to say but to thank Mr. Emilio Azcárraga Milmo, may he rest in peace, for giving me the opportunity to start this show. I would also like to thank my home Televisa and all the brands that stuck by me all this time. Thank you to my colleagues and special guest-stars that were a very important part in the production of this show, he continued.

But even though the show is ending, Chabelo made sure his cuates knew that he is not going anywhere. A new phase in his career is already in the works and he is hoping to count with the support of his fans to make it happen. Mexican magazine TVyNovelas, recently revealed that the host’s next approach would be music, boleros to be exact.

Mexican singer Benito Castro, from Los Hermanos Castro, recently revealed that Xavier López joined them in a jazzy bolero that will be included in their next album, “We just finished the first one [album] and in the second one we are including Xavier, who recorded one of my songs, it’s an original song, we are hoping for it to be available for sale soon so I can’t give much information about it,” he said during an interview with a Mexican newspaper.

Chabelo’s musical talents were showcased every Sunday at the end of “En Familia Con Chabelo” when he would sing a song of his preference but Castro reveals that the Mexican icon has always been a musician at heart, “He is always been a bohemian at heart, he is a drummer, he knows how to play jazz, Xavier has always been very passionate about music,” he concluded.

Even though we are sad to see the show go off the air, we are excited for Xavier López’ new phase as a performer. We finally get to hear him sing with his real voice! Stay tuned for more news on Chabelo’s new music career. We wish him all the best in this new cycle!