'En Otra Piel' Premiere: Laura Flores Dishes On Telemundo's New Telenovela About Paranormal Activity

"En Otra Piel" premieres tonight, February 18 at 9 p.m. on Telemundo! Before you watch the new paranormal inspired telenovela check out with series stars Laura Flores and María Elisa Camargo have to say about their new mysteriously intertwined characters. Telemundo

“En Otra Piel” is Telemundo’s new telenovela, however audiences have watched this plot unfold before! The new series, which will premiere tonight at 9 pm, is the highly anticipated revamp of “El Cuerpo del Deseo.” “En Otra Piel” stars María Elisa Camargo and Laura Flores as the title characters, the series will chronicle the lives of these two seemingly ordinary women who get wrapped up in a mysterious paranormal phenomenon when death comes knocking on their door. The title of the series, which directly translates to “In Another Skin”, gives the audience an immediate spoiler, knowing that these women will soon discover that their bodies no longer belong to themselves and their beings have been mysteriously swapped. Laura Flores revealed that her character, Monica Serrano, “is a pianist who performs in professional concerts and remarried a much younger man.” Despite her seemingly charmed life, Flores revealed that her character experiences a life altering change, “suddenly life gives her a very big surprise, but she doesn't give up, she is ready to face and conquer death, in order to protect her two daughters.”

Carmago revealed that in the new series, the two actresses are playing roles very close to each other. The actress, who portrays Adriana Aguilar, a young and tenderhearted girl who works in as a waitress in Mexico City in order to support her brother, Jacinto, while he attends medical school, will end up inhabiting the “body” of her co-star. The paranormal bodies swap ended up proving very difficult for the young actress, admitting, it was difficult to “to play someone who does not fit at all with my body, my age, or my living conditions. I could not even go to tools I know, instead I started learning about what life at 50 years old is like, and this helped me achieve the character of Monica Serrano.”

The telenovela will also delve into the history of two areas, which boast a very rich Latina culture— Mexico City and Los Angeles. "The character of Adriana (Camargo) lives in Mexico and the character of Monica (Flores) lives in Los Angeles and when the souls of the two women become displaced, the two characters find themselves in uncharted territories. Monica searches Mexico City in a desperate attempt to find her daughters, but instead of discovering her family, she encounters a new way of life.  In addition to Camargo and Flores, “En Otra Piel” also stars Vanessa Villela, Jorge Luis Pila and David Chocarro.

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