Could Aria possibly be on the “A” team, or even scarier to consider, could Aria be the ultimate uber “A"? Even though we hate to admit it, and don’t really want to believe it, the odds are stacked against the pint sized Liar, and it seem like the main villain of “Pretty Little Liars” maybe the most lovable Liar of them all -- Aria. I always thought Aria was just in love with her teacher, ignorant to the forces of evil that conspire against her and best friends, but lately I’ve begun to consider the idea that instead of being duped by Ezra, Aria is instead working side by side with Ezra, maybe even hand in hand. Don’t get me wrong, I really don’t want Aria to be “A,” but unfortunately the evidence is growing and it’s only getting more convincing. Let’s check it out step by step, and if in the end you aren’t’ convinced Aria is “A,” then comment below and let me know who your No. 1 suspect for tormenting the “Pretty Little Liars”!

1. The texts from “A” started the day that Aria got back from Switzerland. More than just a coincidence, the first text message sent to all four girls read “I’m still here bitches and I know everything. – A” It was a full year since the disappearance of Alison, and Hanna, Emily and Spencer were all still in Rosewood, mourning the supposed loss of their fearless ring leader. Why give the girls a break for a full year before deciding to torment them as soon as Aria is back from Switzerland? Because she needed time to plan.

2. Aria told Ashley Marin, Hanna’s mom, that she was “A” way back in Season 2 “Father Knows Best." Aria allegedly “lies” about her being “A” and thus she claims responsibility for the note. She says “A for Anonymous, A for Aria,” even though we didn’t yet suspect little miss Aria of being “A,” Marlene King revealed that an obvious clue to who “A” is comes from that episode.

 3. Also in “Father Knows Best” Mona asks the Liars to decide who the best at lying amongst them is. Before even having time to discuss their joint decision, Spencer, Hanna, and Emily all single out Aria as the supreme Liar, and maybe the girls should have trusted their gut in regards to Aria’s deceptive abilities.

4. Mona and Aria share more in common than they realize. In the Season 2 finale “UnmAsked” multiple Aria as indicators occur, however they are both subtle and very sneaky. First off, Melissa, Spencer’s sister, tastes some of Aria’s frozen yogurt, the flavor is toffee. The same flavor of Mona’s notable lip gloss. We have been watching “Pretty Little Liars” long enough to know that this was some type of clue, however we initially judge Mona’s mention of “toffee tango” lip gloss as a clue to Melissa. Not only does the toffee connect Aria and Mona, tango is significant. Remember when Aria made Ella an online dating profile? Well one of HotMamma’s favorite activities is Tango.

5. Another weird “A” moment that occurred in “UnmAsked” was the moment that Aria was literally unmasked by none other than Ezra at the dance. Other than Aria, the only other person unmasked was Ezra, does this indicate that they are in “A” team together. Mere coincidence? We are starting to think not!

6. The Big A! This may be one of the biggest clues indicating that Aria is really the ultimate uber “A.” In an early episode in Season 1, Mona and Hanna are still best friends and she hasn’t made her first trip to Radley yet, however that doesn’t mean she isn’t still annoying the Liars. In what seems like an attempt to befriend her, Mona yells down the hallway “Hey, Big A! Wait up.” And while we initially dismissed it as a bad nickname, “Pretty Little Liars” creator totally revealed a huge secret! After the episode premiered, a fan tweeted at Marlene asking for a hint about the identity of “A,” all she responded was “#bigA.”

7. Going off Mona dubbing Aria the “Big A,” there is an A in here, no of course “A” could also stand for EzrA and HannA but it is the first initial of her name which makes the use of a single letter moniker more likely. In addition to A being her first initial, Aria also signs her name the same ways “A” writes her incriminating signature. The first time we seen Aria write her name is on the train in the Halloween episode, not only does she write her name in the condensation of the window, (very “A” like) she writer her name in all caps, who does that?

8. Also Aria sends texts from an Unknown ID. Aria texted Ezra to cancel dinner after A interfered with her secret date. But she saved both her and Ezra from being seriously destroyed by her dad, Byron. However, when Ezra received the text it wasn’t from Aria, but instead the ID said “Unknown Caller.” “A” sends all of his/her texts anonymously to the Liars, why would Aria’s cellphone have a blocked number sometimes and not at other times.

9. Aria never really has that many runins with “A.” Not nearly as dangerous, life altering, and terrifying as her friends do. Now of course “A” has messed with Aria here and there, “A” told Ella about Aria’s knowledge of Byron’s affair, and Ella was sting by bees. But when compared to the things, Hanna, Emily, and Spencer, have endured, Aria is sitting pretty. Hanna’s mom almost went to jail for real, Mrs. Fields was almost ran over in her own house, Spencer went insane, saw her dead boyfriend, and then ended up in a psych ward, Emily almost got chopped in half, seriously hurt her shoulder, and almost got taken away from her parents because someone called CPS on them. Now we thought that Aria was getting the “A” treatment on the train in the Halloween episode, but that was Wilden and Melissa, who were both being stalked by “A.” Maybe they know that Aria is actually “A” and were trying to dispose of her once and for all.  

10. Last but certainly not least, the fact that Aria is the one doing the “Shh” in the “Pretty Little Liars” introduction speaks volumes! Marlene King revealed that she filmed all four of the girls doing the iconic “Shh” but she claims they just liked Aria’s the best. But let us remember that “Pretty Little Liars” also filmed Paige and Caleb being members of the “A” team as opposed to Toby, in attempt to keep even the cast guessing.