'En Tierras Salvajes' Telenovela Cast: Claudia Álvarez, Horacio Pancheri Star In Univision, Televisa Drama

'En Tierras Salvajes' Televisa, Univision Telenovela
Cristián De La Fuente and Claudia Alvarez star in the new Televisa, Univision telenovela production. Televisa

Televisa's newest telenovela production is titled "En Tierras Salvajes" and it has a stellar cast that includes three heartthrobs: Cristián de la Fuente, Horacio Pancheri and Diego OliveraClaudia Álvarez is the lead in this original story by the creaters of "Velvet," "Gran Hotel" and "Las Chicas del Cable." Find out more about the characters each of the stars play down below and tell us what you think!

Claudia Álvarez is Isabel: Resolute, independent and optimistic. She has been suffering from asthma since childhood; a disease that has become chronic and critical in leaps and bounds. As a consequence, her husband, Aníbal Otero, determines to take her to his family’s clinic, located in a distant village up in the mountains as it appears to be the perfect place for Isabel to recover. Her beauty is promptly noticed by Aníbal’s brothers, Sergio and Daniel. For her part, Isabel feels unconsciously tempted by Daniel due to his wild and adventurous look. The physical attraction is instantaneous and apparently mutual; just like her similarity in tastes and personality with Sergio, the youngest of the Oteros. Isabel can’t tell her feelings apart since her husband’s frequent absence makes her question what she really feels for him now that she spends most of her time with her two new brothers in-law, sharing with them an emotional complicity she never had before. Could she be mistaking fellowship for sensual love?

Cristián de la Fuente is Daniel: He is the Otero’s middle brother; the family’s free spirit, wild and passionate. Since childhood, Daniel stood out from his brothers for his hot-headed and unpredictable personality, and over time, he has turned into a free and impulsive man. Anything he does, he does it “on a large scale”; he “lives high” persistently. He turns to brute strength whenever is needed in order to impose his thoughts and do justice. Wild and sloppy with his affective relationships, Daniel is not ready for settling down; although he has a sporadic affair with Carolina, a young, single mother. This relationship is the talk of the town and his mother’s constant cause of annoyance due to the gossiping it provokes. Isabel awakens in him a type of attraction he never experienced before. A forbidden attraction since Isabel is his brother’s wife and his own sister in-law.

Diego Olivera is Anibal: The oldest of the Oteros; enterprising, ambitious, and self-confident. Luis Otero always knew he wasn’t made for the life in the mountains and the town’s rough atmosphere, so he ran away from this place, and his family, as soon as he could. A dispute with his brother Daniel made it clear for him that he didn’t fit in his family’s business, so he left for the city to achieve success and build a fortune of his own. Now that his wife Isabel is facing some health problems, he returns home and leaves her under the care of his brothers, Daniel and Sergio, while he continuously travels for business keeping long and tiring work days that usually end in another woman’s bed. What he didn’t predict is that his absence would make Isabel start questioning her own feelings for him.

Horacio Pancheri is Sergio: The youngest of the Oteros; sensible, mediator, and responsible. He is always neat and well-dressed, but shy and a little naive when it comes to emotional affairs. Sergio has always played the role of the good and compliant son, and the perfect student. He invariably does what is right and what others expect from him; for instance, proposing to his girlfriend Teresa whom he loves, or at least he thought he did. Isabel’s presence has awaken doubts and conflicting emotions in him. While he is frustrated for the little appreciation his parents show for his virtues, Sergio acknowledges that Isabel does recognize his qualities; so he sometimes fantasizes about the possibility of his sister in-law falling in love with him one day and leaving his brother, Aníbal.

Daniela Romo is Doña Amparo: The Otero brothers’ mother; controlling and manipulative. Doña Amparo is used to decide for the people around her; especially, her sons. However, she continually hides her true nature behind her respectable appearance and good manners. Her first encounter with Isabel, her first daughter in-law, doesn’t have a good start. In fact, her first impression has ratified her what she had suspected; Isabel doesn’t seem to be the kind of woman who will submit to her mother in-law’s will. But if she doesn’t find the way to control her daughter in-law somehow, she will have no choice but to stay strong and get rid of her. Surely, Aníbal’s next wife will know better what is good for her.

César Évora is Don Arturo: He is the Otero brothers’ father; generous, kind, and affectionate. Don Arturo is the perfect combination of his three sons’ virtues. A lover of nature and women, he only settled down when he got Doña Amparo pregnant and moved to the countryside with his little family. Don Arturo is the only member of the family that immediately receives Isabel with enthusiasm and care; that beautiful sweet woman, who seems to love his oldest son so much, will be like the daughter he never had. Thoughtful and perceptive as he is, he will soon realize he is not the only one from the Oteros that appreciates Isabel’s arrival since her beauty doesn’t go unnoticed to his sons, Daniel and Sergio.

Lisardo Guarinos is Carlos: The oldest of the Molina brothers, the Otero’s rival family. Conditioned to suppress the villagers by force, the Molinas can’t conceive a different kind of law that isn’t based on intimidation or violence. Once the owner of the Otero’s current sawmill, the Molinas’ deceased patriarch was forced to sell his old business in ruins at a very low price, which his son Carlos considers pitiful. The confrontation between these two rival clans is about to burst as Daniel Otero is not ready to be permanently threatened by shouts and disputes.


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