'En Tierras Salvajes' Telenovela Theme Song: Marco Antonio Solís 'Estaré Contigo' Is Main Tune For Televisa, Univision Soap

'En Tierras Salvajes' Telenovela Theme Song
Marco Antonio Solís will give life to the main theme song to the new Televisa telenovela. Televisa

Marco Antonio Solís is set to sing the theme song for the new telenovela "En Tierras Salvajes." The production stars Claudia ÁlvarezCristián de la FuenteHoracio PancheriDiego OliveraDaniela RomoCésar ÉvoraNinel Conde and many more. "Estaré Contigo" is the name of the tune that will air every night with the credits of the production. It's a beautiful melody that fits perfectly with the storyline. Salvador Mejía, the producer behind this project, had previously gone to "El Buki" back in 2006 for "Mundo de Fieras" with the song "Antes De Que Te Vayas." Listen to the theme song below and tell us what you think of the choice!

"En Tierras Salvajes" follows Isabel Montalbán, an uptown girl, moves to the little town where her husband’s, family lives. Nevertheless, everyone ignores that her presence in this house is about to change the entire family’s destiny, for good. Isabel just married to Aníbal Otero, a young and ambitious businessman. She also owns a small but promising catering company herself. Life seems to smile upon her, except for this persistent cough she has. 

Her serious respiratory problems have been getting worse lately due to the city’s pollution. The consequences over her health might be mortal unless she takes immediate action about it. Peace is what she needs the most right now along with some fresh, clean air to breathe. Surprisingly, Aníbal finds the perfect solution as his family owns a prestigious clinic up in the mountains. Isabel is mesmerized by the beautiful landscape, full of impressive and abundant forests and calm, refreshing lakes. 

Isabel never expected to spend such a long time there, though. Her husband’s innumerable businesses keep him stuck in the city for weeks and weeks. She must learn to adapt to her new life and coexist with her new stepfamily: Don Arturo, a kind, loving man; and her mother in-law, Doña Amparo, a jealous and controlling woman. But it is the presence of Sergio and Daniel, her brothers in-law, what actually causes her a great discomfort. 

Sergio is Aníbal’s little brother. He is a serene, sensible man and a physician at the family clinic who is always looking after Isabel’s health. His calm personality and attention easily make her become used to his pleasant companionship. On the other hand, there is wild and good-looking Daniel, the free spirit of the Otero Brothers. A man who lives life intensely and has sudden energy outbursts. Daniel’s attraction for Isabel is triggered upon seeing her; a mutual but forbidden attraction since Isabel is his brother’s wife. 

By being constantly away from her husband, Isabel starts questioning herself about her true feelings for him. She is sure that her heart beats for one of the Otero brothers, but she is confused about which one of them. 

Alone and sick in a completely new world for her, Isabel will look inside her to find the calm she needs to clear her mind, but especially her heart. 

The story of three men in love with the same woman, and a woman condemned to decide which of them she loves.

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