Enrique Peña Nieto
President Enrique Peña Nieto addressed the nation, calling Mexicans to unite for a better year to come, after a challenging 2014. YouTube/Gobierno de la Republica Mexicana

Mexico’s President Enrique Peña Nieto addressed the nation to recap the turbulent year of 2014 and call all Mexicans to take these tragic events as lessons in order to have a better Mexico in 2015. This Sunday, the message was broadcast on national television showing Peña Nieto saying, “It was a year of contrasts,” and, “A very difficult year for Mexico as the violence of crime hit the country,” “We feel anger and pain.” The President also went on to state, “Mexico can’t go on like this. We must change and unite for the better. This next year demands teamwork and perseverance from us.”

Peña Nieto went on to explain seven actions that will definitely help improve the country’s economy such as the generation of “hundreds of thousands of new jobs” in 2014, the decrease in electricity prices all over the country, gas prices will not increase in 2015 or there won’t be any ‘gasolinazos’ as they call these increases in Mexico. In terms of telecommunications, all calls within the country used to be considered long distance but will now be considered domestic. More than 10 million families will receive a digital TV, in order to grant them access to newer technology in one of the biggest efforts in the world to do so.

In addition, Peña Nieto says the south of the country has been left behind for sometime, for which some states require fiscal agriculture regulations and subsidiaries, to increase employment and improve the industry. The President stated he is fully committed to end corruption and impunity by strengthening transparency and being closer to the people, to hear their needs and find solutions to their problems.

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