A 16-year-old girl from the Sinlao region of western Mexico has allegedly murdered her best friend by stabbing her 65 times. Erandy Elizabeth Gutierrez, the alleged killer, is believed to have killed Anel Baez after Baez supposedly posted naked photographs of Gutierrez and herself on Facebook, according to Mexican news website Notus.

Guiterrez, who refers to Baez as her "best friend" and "sister," is said to gone to Baez's home in Guamúchil after the deceased invited her over to make amends after posting nude photographs of Gutierrez. Upon arriving, Guiterrez requested to use the toilet but went to the kitchen instead to grab a knife. She proceeded to stab her "best friend" repeatedly and left her in a pool of blood.

Guiterrez fled the scene of the crime and even faked grieving the loss of Baez with their mutual friends and attending her funeral. Evidence eventually led authorities to Guiterrez, and she was arrested at Baez's funeral.

The hostility between Guiterrez and Baez was not recent, as Guiterrez had been sending threats to her estranged best friend over Twitter. "It may seem that I am very calm, but in my head I have killed you at least three times," wrote the alleged killer on her Twitter account, which has since been deleted. In another tweet, Guiterrez told Baez that she would be "lucky to survive until the end of the year."

Photographs from Baez's Facebook page show the bond between the two prior to their falling out. One photograph (see above) has nearly 3,500 likes on Facebook and has a caption reflecting their friendship. "I love you ... you are my beloved sister ... thanks for those moments of madness that provoke me and the laughter that you give me and also the desire to do crazy things with you," says the caption of the photograph (see above).

Since the tragedy, the local high school where Baez and Gutierrez attended has been hosting seminars to prevent future incidents. News website Cafe Negro adds that rector Juan Eulogio War Liera will be conducting therapy sessions. "In this community I want to tell you are not alone, we share your pain and anger and can add efforts to overcome the bitter moment," said War Liera, according to Cafe Negro. "Unity in the family is a way to preserve peace, values​​, tranquility and have a better world."

Guiterrez is slated to face murder charges in the near future. If she is found guilty under Mexican law, she can face up to seven years in prison.