Maria Plenkina, a 21-year-old mother from Russia, was charged with murder after she left her toddler daughter to die by starving her for a week. The young mom was labeled “evil” by her neighbors as it was learned that she left the little girl alone in their apartment so she could go clubbing and party for a week. 

The lifeless body of the 3-year-old Kristina Yakovleva was discovered by her grandmother Irina Plenkina after she dropped by to greet the girl as it was her third birthday. To her horror, she found her granddaughter in the midst of rubbish as clothes and probably garbage are strewn around the apartment floor. 

According to the Mirror, Plenkina left her daughter on Feb. 13 and returned only on Feb. 20. Then again, it is not clear when exactly the grandma found Kristina. Based on the report, Maria left the apartment after feeding the toddler with sausages, chicken and yogurt but she did not leave any food after locking the house to go on a partying spree. 

Due to extreme hunger, the police stated that the girl may have rummaged the house for anything she could eat and found the washing detergent powder which she consumed. The extreme hunger and cold killed the girl and she was naked when her grandma discovered her body. 

Investigations revealed that in the week when she ditched her child at home, Maria stayed at her friend Anastasia Kurpina’s home. She said that she was just as shocked to learn about what happened and shared that Maria lied to her by telling her Kristina is being cared for by another friend. 

Kurpina went on to disclose that everyday Maria went to nightclubs and cafes and she paid for everything. She added that she even buys her alcohol and this went on for a week. It turned out that the young mother just broke up with her boyfriend prior to the week-long partying.  

Now, Maria Plenkina is facing a 20-year imprisonment sentence for “murder with extreme cruelty” that killed her own child. The police said that she did not express any remorse when she was detained and psychiatrists stated that she is fully sane and totally aware of her actions. 

Though they did not see the offender regretting the death of her daughter, she confessed by saying in court that “I never wanted her to die.” A spokeswoman also divulged that Maria told them that she deliberately locked the apartment after turning the water supply off and leaving Kristina without food and water. 

The grandmother, Irina, told the court that she could have cared for her granddaughter if she only knew that her daughter is leaving the house. She also said that Maria lied to her and to everyone. 

Many people condemned the heartless mother and said that they want the death penalty for her. Some even suggested death by firing squad because what she did was unforgivable 

“Think of your own 3-year-old, she’s so trusting and innocent. I’m terribly upset by this predictive act of selfishness. DEATH PENALTY too good for the 'mom'? one commented via The Daily Mail. Another one opined, “20 years in jail isn't long enough. She should never get out of jail.”