An explosion in North Hollywood occurred Tuesday shortly after midnight, causing a shockwave that woke up the residents and shut down the neighborhood. A section of North Hollywood was evacuated following the blast that blew out windows. Thankfully, no residents were injured or killed from the terrifying explosion.

According to reports, the explosion in North Hollywood took place at 12:30 a.m. A Nissan pickup truck parked in the back the 11300 block residence of Miranda Street is seen with its roof completely blown apart. According to Los Angeles police Sgt. Mike Kammert, first responders discovered the truck without its roof with at least one propane tank inside the truck. The LAPD deployed a bomb squad for further investigation but the propane tanks are broadly believed to be the cause.

“It was a pretty good boom,” Kammert said. While no injuries or fatalities were reported, residents within 100 yards from the plast were asked to clear the area.

Police continue to look into the incident and decide whether the explosion in North Hollywood was criminal by nature. Be sure to watch the video below to learn more about the North Hollywood explosion.