The National Police's recent measures against alleged criminals suspected of committing crimes in the Dominican Republic are viewed favorably by the people.

They believe that these steps should have been done long ago to stop the antisocial behavior that is causing turmoil in the community.

Additionally, people view the increase in police patrols in various areas of the nation positively. They affirm that it is the sole means by which antisocial people can calm down and "let their guard down" regarding their actions.

Some of the individuals Diario Libre met with at the bus stop on the Duarte highway claimed they had been the victims of criminal activity committed by dishonest people.

Given that criminals are "fed up with the Dominican population," according to Mr. Carlos Manuel Minaya Castillo, the National Police's measures are "well directed."

Minaya Castillo understands that antisocials believe they own the country and that knowledge was sufficient to put an end to it.

By claiming that we are "invaded" by antisocial people doing their own thing, Pascual Hidalgo further emphasized the need for the nation to take a firm stand against widespread criminality.

Hidalgo indicated that the Dominican Republic is currently "without peace."

Human rights, in the opinion of Mr. Pascual Hidalgo and other individuals, should allow the police to carry out their duties.

People request that Human Rights remain "silent" and do not obstruct efforts to stop criminals who live for the sole purpose of harming others who work hard and honestly every day to make a living.

Juan Alonso Hungría is aware of the fact that Human Rights are responsible for the Police's reluctance to take action against crime. He sees "too well" that the authorities of the uniformed "are grabbing the bull by the horns" in matters of criminal actions.

Hermeán Jiménez stated that because residents are scared to walk outside, "those rats must be removed from the environment."

The National Police murdered 12 accused criminals in the first two months of December amid claimed gunfights in various parts of the nation.

The most recent case was that of Los Alcarrizos, where six young men were killed by the authorities after allegedly belonging to a gang identified as "Los Papo Trenzas."

Police are deployed at the Dominican Ministry of Environment headquarters
Representation image. Photo by Erika Santelices/AFP via Getty Images

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