Facebook adds "reactions" to like button plus many other new features to the social networking site. Shutterstock/rvlsoft

Facebook may have found the answer to the dislike button. The company recently revealed a new feature in the works dubbed, "Reactions" emojis. "Reactions" is a feature that adds several emojis to Facebook's thumbs-up symbol that can be used in place of a binary "Like." With six total, these Reactions include love, laughter, excitement, surprise, sadness and anger.

Facebook Reactions Emoji
Facebook Reactions Emojis. TechCrunch/Screenshot

TechCrunch reports "Reactions" will begin testing in Spain and Ireland, two countries selected as the best forms of a closed test group due to their generally dedicated national base and numbers showing fewer international friends. A Facebook rep also claim Spain is a good testing ground to see how non English-speaking areas react to the emojis.

If you're on mobile, these "Reactions" emoji will react in a similar fashion to the differently-colored face emojis in iOS 8. One will click on "Like," then have the option to select one of these reactions from a small drop-down window. Selecting emoji on desktop will work in a similar matter.

Meanwhile, the social networking site has updated its "On This Day" feature allowing users the option to hide away specific dates they'd rather not be reminded of. The "On This Day" feature recently came under fire when post of a sensitive nature began reappearing on users timeline without warning. A Facebook representative told TheVerge:

"We know that people share a range of meaningful moments on Facebook. As a result, everyone has various kinds of memories that can be surfaced — good, bad, and everything in between. So for the millions of people who use 'On This Day,' we've added these filters to give them more control over the memories they see."

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