According to Julito Fulcar, spokesman for the PRM bloc of representatives, his family decided to file a lawsuit against a group of individuals, who he claims to have dedicated themselves to being "communication hit men," with slander, misinformation, and defamation that supposedly seeks to harm the morality and the honor of his brother, the former Dominican Minister of Education, Roberto Fulcar, Diario Libre reported.

Julito Fulcar, who was accompanied by seven pro-government deputies, stated during a brief press conference that his family had met with a team of attorneys who had been given all the necessary information. He added that after they had evaluated it, they would reveal to the nation the names of those responsible for the alleged smear campaign against the former official.

He argued that these people, who would be brought to justice, have dedicated themselves to making false accusations and a smear campaign.

Julito added that the fake information that his brother would have had his US visa revoked was what started the campaign.

During the press conference, offered by the Chamber of Deputies, Julito did not want to give more details to the journalists and promised to offer more information about his brother's health in the following days.

On Sunday, Dec. 18, it was stated by the spokesman for the official legislators through his account on the Twitter social network that he would later give a far-reaching announcement to the nation because "dignity is not negotiated. That's good!"

The announcement, however, was not made on the said date.

While serving as the head of the Ministry of Education, Roberto Fulcar has come under fire for alleged acts of corruption.

In accordance with details provided by Julito Fulcar, his brother has spent several months in the United States, where he has undergone a number of operations and will soon have surgery because of severe ulcerative colitis.

There has been speculation by some media about the causes of his trip abroad.

Ulcerative colitis is a disease that causes intestinal inflammation and sores in the digestive tract. Having ulcerative colitis puts a patient at increased risk of developing colon cancer.

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