A New Zealand family were shocked to find dismembered human remains on Monday inside suitcases that they acquired from an auction, with the police classifying the deaths as murder and investigating to find the owner of the storage unit.

Officers say that the family, who resides in Auckland, New Zealand, is not suspected of committing the crime and is not under investigation. Official reports say that the family bought multiple suitcases from a storage unit auction, where they hauled it back to their home and opened it the next day to find the dismembered bodies, according to the Daily Beast.

Police say that they immediately called local authorities once they opened the first suitcase to find the dismembered and decomposing bodies. Although the number of bodies was not confirmed by authorities, a neighbor claims that three hearses were sent to the home, the New Zealand Herald reported.

“Given this is a homicide investigation, the flow of information into the public arena via media needs to be accurate and responsible,” a police spokesperson said. “As we've previously said, we appreciate there is a large public interest, however, there are still a number of inquiries to be carried out before police can comment further.”

“I feel sorry for the family because they’ve got nothing to do with it,” their neighbor, Shelton Honana, told the press. He claimed that the smell of the decomposed bodies filled the air as authorities went to the residence. “And whoever did do it, come on, front up. It’s a bit unfair, bro. It’s horrific, f*cking scary.”

Police are investigating who owns the suitcases and the storage unit to figure out more about the grizzly murder or murders that occurred. They have established that the remains were dismembered to fit the suitcases better, but have disclosed little else to the public.

“The priority for police is to confirm the identification of the deceased so that we can establish the full circumstances behind the discovery,” the police said. “However, we are still awaiting the completion and results of the post-mortem examination so we are unable to comment.”

The family who found the bodies inside the suitcases were first thought to be the perpetrators, but the police clarified that they did not own the suitcases prior to buying the storage unit and had no apparent connection to the murder victims.

“Innocent people and families of victims should not be re-victimised or suffer undue stress by inaccurate or reckless reporting. Police will endeavor to provide [the] media with an update as soon as we can.”

A family in New Zealand on Monday found dismembered human remains inside suitcases that they bought in a storage unit auction, with police looking into identifying the victims in the suitcases and the owner of the storage unit. This is a representational image. ConvertKit/Unsplash.

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