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The body parts of a drug cartel member believed to be a loyal hitman of El Chapo's sons were found stuffed in a steel barrel in Chihuahua, Mexico on June 1. Police made the gruesome discovery sometime in the afternoon after receiving a report through an emergency line from the municipality of Aquiles Serdan. Local authorities quickly made their way to the location and confirmed the report.

According to Borderland Beat, the dismembered body was wrapped in black bags that came with a written message on cardboard that had the word “Chapitos” written on it. The grisly package was shoved and stuffed into a steel barrel and although authorities have not released the full contents of the message, it clearly suggests the body belongs to a member of the Sinaloa Cartel or a faction of the drug trafficking organization that is still loyal to its former capo.

Police said the bags may well contain the body parts of a hitman loyal to Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman’s sons, also known as “Los Chapitos”. After Guzman’s arrest in 2016, the Sinaloa Cartel split into two with Guzman’s sons and his right-hand man Ismael “El Mayo” Zambada locked in an ongoing war battling over complete control of the cartel’s operations.

It is not yet clear if El Mayo or another rival cartel is behind the murderous package although reports suggest an internal dispute between the two factions. Talk has also come around citing how El Chapo’s four sons have not been in good relations with their uncle, Aureliano “El Guano” Guzman. El Chapo’s brother also has a high-ranking seat in the cartel.

El Mayo is said to be an internal enemy of the Chapo brothers being that they now have high-level command of their organization from overseeing around 11 laboratories around Sinaloa that have the ability to produce as much as 3,000 to 5,000 pounds of meth a month. Their father and El Mayo were among those who established the Sinaloa Cartel which came to be after the Guadalajara Cartel collapsed following its leader’s arrest in 1989. El Mayo has a $15 million reward on his head while the Los Chapitos carry a $5 million reward each for any information that may lead to each of their capture and arrest.

The latest killing comes days after Chihuahua State police moved their headquarters to the city where they had been reeling from a recent massacre of four men and a woman in the city of Ciudad Juarez.

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Bullet holes are seen in a building at El Aguaje community, after a confrontation between Los Viagras Cartel and the Jalisco Nueva Generacion Cartel, in Aguililla, state of Michoacan, Mexico, on April 23, 2021. - The municipality of Aguililla is being threatened due to the confrontation between the organized crime groups Jalisco Nueva Generacion Cartel (CJNG) and the Michoacan Family (now called Viagras). Photo by Enrique Castro/AFP via Getty Images