A family pit bull in California killed an 89-year-old grandmother with dementia who was in danger of starving.

The pit bull killed Joan Caffiel on Tuesday morning while she was being watched by her hired caregiver, Jelena Kelly, according to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

Kelly told KLAS (via Crime Online) that she went to the kitchen after leaving the California grandmother and the dog in a bedroom. The caregiver went back to the bedroom after hearing a "strange noise" and discovered the pit bull mauling Caffiel.

According to Kelly, the dog dragged the California grandmother's body to another room while he had her by the neck. The caregiver said that at that moment, the pit bull was "pretty much eating her alive."

Peyton Faircloth, Caffiel's grandson, claims that his grandmother lately experienced severe dementia and required a full-time caretaker.

During the assault, Caffiel's grandson was also there. However, Kelly is said to have called the police before 10 a.m. Kelly reportedly yelled when Faircloth called him.

"The caregiver was with my grandmother. She knows what happened, I don't know what happened," he said.

Buc, a pit bull rescue, was never hostile, according to Caffiel's grandson, in the six years they owned him. According to Fox5 Las Vegas, the grandson observed that the dog who guarded Caffiel was "very, very protective."

A neighbor, however, told Fox5 Las Vegas that she was wary of the pit bull and that its owners often let it run around outside.

The California grandmother, who shared a house on Pennwood Avenue with her nephew and his son, was declared dead at the scene.

When the pit bull was discovered at a nearby house, animal control received him. The family of Joan Caffiel, according to KLAS, does not want the pit bull put down.

A California man was killed by a group of dogs late last month. When police got on the scene, a person attempted to separate the dogs from the 59-year-old victim, CBS News wrote.

The unnamed Californian man received first aid before being transported to a hospital. The Selma Police Department stated that he later passed away.

There is no information on how many dogs or breeds attacked the Californian man. According to reports, the dogs broke free from a nearby home and attacked the man while walking through the neighborhood.

One of the dogs bit the person who tried to separate the dogs off the man. He received a slight wound. While the owners cooperated with authorities, the dogs were taken in and placed in quarantine.

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