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A nine-year-old pitbull named Spuds saved his family from an alleged intruder at their Pennsylvania home on March 24, attacking the man and restraining him until police arrived.

Spuds, the rescue dog, lives with his family along Third Avenue in Altoona. "Spuds is a protector," his owner, Leroy Rucker, said.

He helped rescue his family when someone suddenly appeared and came knocking at the door. "I was just sitting in here watching TV with the dogs like I always do," Rucker said. An alleged intruder came through the front door, who was later identified as 53-year-old Robert Burke Jr.

"He wasn't going to just walk in my house uninvited. I don't know you like that buddy. Spuds didn't like it either," Rucker said. According to Rucker, Spuds joined his family in restraining Burke. "He was coming to hang out with dad. That's all I can say. He sees me fighting, he wants to fight," he added.

Rucker said Spuds helped restrain the burglar for 20 minutes until police arrived. "The guy (Burke) listened. I mean, he listened better when the dog was right there present, you know what I mean," he added. "For them, it's protection. For me, its love," Rucker said.

Spuds has reportedly formed a bond with the community and even the local garbagemen. "I'm a garbageman. I deal with dogs everyday -- five or six days a week -- but spuds is very protective of his family. He knows good and bad, and that's what dogs are supposed to do," Steven Rightenour shared.

Meanwhile, according to online court documents, Burke was transported to Blair County Prison on charges of burglary, criminal trespass, simple assault and harassment. He has since posted his $50,000 bail. Burke's next court date is scheduled for May 13.

In another incident, a dog rescuer previously helped a drowning baby otter from a near-freezing river in Minnesota. The rescuer is a tiny three-legged dog fighting its battle against cancer — it had one of its back legs amputated because of tumors. According to wildlife officials said, the otter would likely not have survived without the intervention of Gus, the six-year-old goldendoodle.

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